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5 Tips to Survive Another ‘Dam Winter

10 dec 2018

Autumn is slowly making room for winter. As the days get shorter, these tips will be sure to help keep a smile on your face and a positive attitude during the so-called “darkest time of the year”.

Get the most out of winter

Waking up in the early morning and unsuccessfully looking for the sun in a grey sky can be draining – trust us, we know! But don’t let it get to you, prepare accordingly and choose to look on the bright side of winter – the winter activities that will warm your body (and heart) are here to help you keep your positive mood on!

During winter, immerse yourself in activities that make you feel happy and relaxed.

These are just a few suggestions!  

1. Turn on the cosy feels

Being at home when it rains or snows outside is comfortable and enjoyable.
Nevertheless, being comfortable in a café down the street might be even more fun! Especially after you have finished binge-watching your beloved Netflix series.

At OurCampus there are comfy cafés where you can enjoy your favourite hot (or cold) drinks, alone or in a company.

#Did you know? The Netherlands is known for cosy cafés with brown furniture.
They are known to create a gezelligfeeling – translated into English, this means cosiness and comfort.

2. Get Christmassy

Before Christmas and New Year Amsterdam turns into a charming city decorated with Christmas lights and hidden Christmas markets with stalls serving delicious mulled wine.

The Christmas markets you need to visit in December are:

  • Amsterdam Kerstmarkt
  • Funky Christmas Market
  • Kerstmarkt in Haarlem

Check out our event calendar for more ideas!

Christmas time in Amsterdam

If you’re still looking forward to the winter vibes after New Year’s Eve – Amsterdam will not disappoint! 

Explore some of the biggest winter festivals with amazing performances and light-shows. 

3. Try traditional Dutch food

Warm yourself up with some traditional Dutch food! The dishes you might have been avoiding all summer, can feel like heaven during winter.

Try out Stamppot, which is a traditional Dutch dish made from mashed potatoes, smoked sausage and an assortment of vegetables including kale and spinach. Additionally, it is served warm, making it an ideal meal after a long, cold day.

Or try Dutch soup variations – erwten soup, and boerenkoolsoup– the first made from peas and the second from broccoli. Besides being healthy, they usually contain pieces of sausage which make them more filling and delicious.

Crispy toasties are usually served along…yum!

4. Hit the museums

A rainy or cold day is perfect for a walk through your favourite museum (or a museum you have not yet visited, but would like to see). Amsterdam is full of museums, from history to art, fashion and tulips – the list goes on!

If you do not feel like going to a museum, research Amsterdam’s pop-up stores – most of them have a stylish area lined with unique items and cool streetwear. What makes them even better is that many of them even have a hidden café or bar.

5. Go ice-skating

Museumpleinin Amsterdam turns into a big ice-skating rink during winter. Try visiting it for fun with your friends or plan a charming afternoon there with your sweetheart.

After all, what else is more romantic than ice-skating?

If you do not like ice-skating but would like to do a fun activity over the weekend, we suggest to go to Utrecht, where you can experience the authentic disco roller-skating!

Ice skating in Amsterdam

Beside these 5 tips to survive another ‘Dam winter, don’t forget to eat a lot of fruit (especially lemons and oranges), and protect yourself from the wind and rain with warm clothes. You’ve probably heard it from all the grandmas in the world, but the most important during winter is to stay healthy!

What is your favourite winter activity? What elevates your mood on the cold, grey days? Post a photo of your tip for surviving the winter on Instagram and tag @OurCampus!

We are looking forward to seeing your tips!

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